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The Theater Production Company, founded in 2007 is an independent film company dealing primarily with the more graphic forms of the horror genre. While very extreme in its undertakings, our films have strong three dimensional characters with well developed back stories.

We currently have two (2) screenplays in pre-production status and hope to have one more ready to go in 2011. Our cast is supremely qualified, not only as fine actors, but in other

areas of production (lighting, makeup, sound, etc) that gives our entire productions more professional, and economical as an added bonus.

As I intend to add more detail to this site, including more outtakes, film clips and additional information, I hope you will enjoy what we have already put here as well as the site itself and it's goals. I will be placing a copy of our short-film version and more plans for future productions.

If all of this seems a worthwhile venture and you have interest in contributing, please send all inquiries to:
In December of 2004, I finished my first horror screenplay called "The Theater". It's based loosely on a little known "urban legend"  about a group of underworld figures in the late 30's and early 1940's that teamed together to provide "unique" methods for dealing with competition to their criminal operations. Their "unique" methods called for the use of torture and mutilation, served in very sadistic ways.

For the next two years, the script was polished to give it more coherence and add a sense of reality to the mix. By 2007, I was ready to start auditioning people to fill the various and varied roles in the script, while working on funding, always and still a most difficult task.
It was in that period that I started work on what was then an unofficial sequel to "The Theater" called "Serial School". From the ashes of the "Alternatives" customized torture organization in "The Theater" came its successor, the "Serial School" an institute of higher learning...for serial killers and torturers.

For this, funds were allocated for an elaborate short-film version that was titled "Serial School", but contained elements of both. It was submitted to several film festivals, earning praise and even being a finalist in the 2008 Screamfest.

We have an excellent group of people with diversified skills besides their acting abilities. Now we have a sponsor (ThunderBall Production Company) and are trying to raise development funds by donations from interested investors. All and everyone is welcome to contribute.